Stationary Compactors from PTR


PTR is a leading manufacturer of high quality auger-type refuse and recycling compaction systems.


TRAM-PAK (TP) Series Stationary Compactors


A PTR Stationary Compactor provides significant waste removal savings for this food chain end user: PTR’s Stationary Compactors are designed to work efficiently for both walk-on and security chute applications.


The Tram Pak (TP) Series Stationary Compactors are stress engineered and allow maximum operating pressures and cylinder pressure to ensure PAK-TITE containers. Each unit is fully tested before it leaves our manufacturing facility and meets all ANSI specifications.


View Stationary Compactor brochure (PDF) TRAM–PAK Stationary compactors are available from Apartment Style sizes to 5 five cubic yard feed capacities. Totally U.L. approved (on select models) and Wastec rated for peace of mind in selecting a compaction system for your requirements.


AWS Certified Welding:

All critical welds are done by certified AWS Category I and II craftsmen. With a 92,000 PSI Tensile strength, PTR’s welds are actually stronger than steel. Easily accessible power units are easily accessible and built to provide excellent service and long term durability.


Our Innovative One-Piece Charge Box is a unique design providing superior strength and eliminating misaligned platen tracking. Heavy Duty design utilizing structural steel provides our units with many years of uninterrupted service. Tram-Pak Compactors offer “user friendly” controls that are housed inside a NEMA 12 enclosure and connected to the power pack with 13 feet of sealtite.


Stationary Compactors from Sebright


Sebright Stationary Compactors vary from the Sebright model AP2430 Apartment stationary compactor which has a clear top opening of 24" x 28.5" and is used in such places as the NY, NY Hilton Hotel with trash falling over 40 floors to our Sebright model 9860-2-6, a twin cylinder monster designed to take the abuses of industrial waste and non-stop commercial use with large items. In between, there are more than 50 different models to fit every application.


Apartment Packer AP-2430 - Compactor Model AP-2430 is designed for multiple applications, these include everything from high rise apartments to office buildings, schools, hospitals, dormitories and many other low volume generators. The compactor is versatile, in that it can be designed for either hand fed or chute fed installations. 0.4 Cubic Yard Capacity. 



Model 4060 - Sebright Model 4060 Stationary Compactor will fit those special space requirement projects without compromising force. Dependability means, lower maintenance, less down time, and lower operating costs. 2.0 cubic yard capacity.


Model 4236-1-4 -Sebright Model 4236-1-4 stationary compactor is designed with 36" wide frame for flexibility in packing 4,6, or 8 yard front or rear load containers. Model 4236 stationary compactor reduces material to a fraction of the original volume due to its high ram face PSI rating. This unit also features the following standard Sebright extended life expectancy package: Abrasive resistant Floor (AR235), Nylatron guide system, close tolerances between ram and floor, totally enclosed fan cooled motor (T.E.F.C.) 0.75 cubic yard capacity.


Model 4260 - Sebright Model 4260 Stationary Compactor is an an economical 2 cubic yard capacity machine to fit into tight places (overall length 8'6"). Ideal machine for retail, commercial and light industrial waste applications.


Model 4660, 4660-HD & 4660-2 - Sebright Model 4660, 4660-HD and 4660-2 Stationary Compactors were designed to provide higher payloads. In combining the large 46" x 60" opening, incline ram and the deep penetration, you have the industries finest high density 2 yd. machine. 2.0 cubic yard capacity.


Model 4860 - Sebright Model 4860 Stationary Compactors can fit into tight spaces (116 1/2") using the same premium components as featured in our larger compactors. This proven design provides the life expectancy and performance that is the trademark of a Sebright Compactor. 2.0 cubic yard capacity.


Model 4660-5260 - Sebright Model 4660 & 5260 Stationary Compactors were designed to provide high payloads; generating compaction forces ranging from 56,550 to 113,100 lbs. 2.0 to 3.0 cubic yard capacity.


Model 5060 - Sebright Model 5060 Stationary Compactor is specially designed for High Volumes of trash. Its high packing force and deep ram penetration into the container does a superior job of reducing bulky waste and trash to a fraction of its original volume. 2.5 cubic yard capacity.


Heavy Weights - Sebright Heavy Weight High Performance Stationary Compactors are designed and built to meet the demands of industrial and other larger volume applications. High density can be achieved with the optional twin-cylinder models with forces in excess of 100,000 lbs. Extra heavy duty frame and ram--heavy structural plate with ship and car channel construction. 3.0 to 7.0 cubic yard capacity. 16 Heavy Weight High Performance Stationary Compactor models to choose from.


Super Heavy Weights - Reduce your waste hauling costs "beyond the industry standard" by applying 163,300 lbs. of compaction force against your waste or recyclable material. 5.0 to 9.0 cubic yard capacity. 8 Super Heavy Weight Stationary compactor models to choose from.