PTR Vertical Balers


PTR is a recognized source of high-quality products manufactured for safety and long life. From our first 60” downstroke, high-density baler capable of producing bales of over 1,000 lbs. to our current line of Hydraulic Balers, PTR represents years of developmental design, testing, and quality control.


These bailers are commonly used for:


  • Warehouses

  • Drug Stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Recycling Operations

  • Distribution Centers

  • Department Stores

  • Chain Stores

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Centers


Standard Features:

  • Key-Operated ON/OFF Switch

  • Motor Overload Protectors

  • Extended Warranty

  • Starter bundle of bailing wire & Poker Bar

  • Tri Voltage Motor

  • Factory Tested & Inspected

  • Safety/Operational Video

Max-Pak Vertical Balers

The MAX-PAK vertical baler just can’t be beat. Add in all the ease-of-use and safety features, incredible performance, durability, and strength, it’s no wonder that MAX-PAK is the leading vertical baler of 39 industry competitors!

With an easy to use baler that fits your budget, space, and recycling requirements, MAX-PAK vertical balers provide you with very dense bales, that are easy to handle and transport, saving you money, now and later.


Performance and Ease of Use
The Max-Pak vertical balers are engineered for performance second to none, but with “ease of use” features that make Max-Pak the logical choice for your recycling needs.


Durability and Strength
Never, in the history of MAX-PAK, has the base frame of a MAX-PAK baler been bent or distorted.


Max-Pak balers are built for durability, strength and ease of use, but these do not take precedence over safety. Every Max-Pak baler is engineered to meet or exceed applicable safety standards as well as our own internal evaluation to ensure the safety of our machine.